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Samsung Firmwares, modem: P585MUBU1BQI5

Download the latest Samsung firmware ✅ modem P585MUBU1BQI5. Full list of firmwares available for download

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DeviceModelRegionPDA/AP VersionCSC VersionMODEM/CP VersionOs VersionChangelistBuild Date
Samsung Galaxy Tab A⑥ with S PenSM-P585MCOOP585MUBU1BQJ1P585MUUB1BQJ1P585MUBU1BQI57.012094689
Samsung Galaxy Tab A⑥ with S PenSM-P585MCOBP585MUBU1BQK2P585MCOB1BQK1P585MUBU1BQI57.012479655
Samsung Galaxy Tab A⑥ with S PenSM-P585MZTAP585MUBU1BQL4P585MZTA1BQL2P585MUBU1BQI57.012479655