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Samsung firmware list
DeviceModelRegionPDA/AP VersionCSC VersionMODEM/CP VersionOs VersionBuild Date
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXS6KXE5F916BOWO6KXE6F916BXXS6KXE513
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXS5KXC1F916BOWO5KWL1F916BXXS5KXC113
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXS5KWK1F916BOWO5KWL1F916BXXS5KWK113
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXS4KWHBF916BOWO4KWH8F916BXXU4KWH713
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXU4KWH7F916BOWO4KWH8F916BXXU4KWH713
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXS4JWH3F916BOWO4JWH3F916BXXS4JWH313
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXS3JWG1F916BOWO3JWE8F916BXXU3JWE713
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXU3JWE8F916BOWO3JWE8F916BXXU3JWE713
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXS2JWE1F916BOWO2JWD1F916BXXU2JWD113
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSM-F916BZTOF916BXXU2JWD1F916BOWO2JWD1F916BXXU2JWD113

Specifications Samsung device SM-F916B

  • Samsung Galaxy SM-F916B
  • Display diagonal: 19.3 cm (7.6")
  • Display resolution: 2208 x 1768 pixels
  • Display type: Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • Processor frequency: 3.09 GHz
  • Processor family: Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • Processor model: 865+ 5G
  • RAM capacity: 12 GB
  • Internal storage capacity: 256 GB
  • Rear camera resolution (numeric): 12 MP
  • Rear camera type: Triple camera
  • Operating system installed: Android 10.0
  • Battery capacity: 4500 mAh
  • Product colour: Black
  • Gold
  • Weight: 282 g

Reviews SM-F916B


I love the phone but the flip screen black nut the phone is OK and good

Loving this phone!

I've had this phone for over a year now. It's just simply a statement! No other phone will do, thanq.

Overall the best foldable device

I'm using this device from last 1 year and I'm very happy.. it is perfectly matched.. I needed big screen mobile for easy access to documents and watch movies and better camera... all I got in this galaxy Z FOLD 2..

Great features

Just bought z fold 2 ,it's amazing as I thought, now using to maximum my full day driver for all my personal and business tasks. Overall an amazing experience

Concept till new for Samsung

Desired this since released, disappointed I bought it. Too bulky, no case, too heavy so it falls frequently, the charger that came with the phone does not charge the phone after only a few months. Requires too frequent restarts to work smoothly.

Hello Andriod - Goodbye IOS!!

Best decision ever to change from Apple to Samsung Z fold. The swop from IOS (which I used for 10 years) to Andriod was beyond exciting and the best decision ever! I needed a drastic device change and this Samsung gave me all of that and more! The best quality screen to watch a movie on and surf the web on. This phone is elegant and extravagant. The Samsung camera quality is out of this world. I documented a trip to Kilimanjaro all with my Samsung Camera and I have aboslute perfect quality pictures to remember my trip by. The Samsung Z Fold worked perfectly even at 5895m altitude! Happier than ever and grateful for such a cool device

Very nice

I bought this tow maths ago and it is very good soft havy duty

White Line in the middle of the screen

It showed up immediately after the expiry of the warranty.

Amazing phone and great features

I bought this 2month ago and I don’t regret looking forward to upgrade to Z fold 3

Love it

I love the ingenuity put in this device but that comes at a cost. *I hate the side body textured feel on my hand *Battery life is a joke *Device heats to an unpleasant level where i can not stand its heat on my hands even after closing, spine is hot.. *Lack of locally available accessories and cases

Fold2 Common Issues

Although Fold 2 has some excellent features, it is costly; in addition, it has some fatal industrial defects that Samsung should quickly fix. The most common issues are; short-life battery, problems with charging the mobile, the battery always becomes very hot that always cause the mobile to power off. In addition, I suggest increasing the outer screen size (width), I think this will make a difference

Love it - But it needs to be bigger

I'm not being sarcastic, I would really like to see future models of this with the front screen being as big as a Note20 or similar size phone. You don't want to always open the phone up, I think I use the front screen and open screen in a 50:50. There is also the problem with some apps not being able to handle the open screen, just some issues with the layout on the screen. But I think this issue is improving over time.

The best technology ever

I have this phone for more than 6 months, i did all my work from my phone, I'm a blogger and the phone did all my work.


I bought this a month ago and I'm happy to get it .

Great but bulky and heavy

I'm happy with my device but -heavy decive with bulky design when it's fold therefore it doesn't hold on the car mount and it cannot be slipped to the pocket therefore I'm always holding it. -This device in not design for camera usage as a professional I do prefer the back panel to be flat so I can lay down and use flex mode at any side with worry about the wobbly side when I use keyboard

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