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Samsung firmwares, SM-G975F (AUT) #3 | EN

Download the latest Samsung firmware βœ… SM-G975F ⭐ AUT. Full list of firmwares available for download

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Samsung firmware list
DeviceModelRegionPDA/AP VersionCSC VersionMODEM/CP VersionOs VersionBuild Date
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUT G975FXXS9EUB1 G975FOXM9EUA4G975FXXU9EUA411
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUT


One UI 3 Upgrade (Android 11)

One UI 3 is designed to help you focus on what matters. Our visual redesign has improved the places you visit the most, like the Home screen and quick panel, to reduce distractions, highlight important information, and make your experience more consistent. Performance improvements will help apps run quicker while using less battery power. And One UI 3 puts control in your hands with new privacy controls, one-time permissions, and enhanced Digital Wellbeing.

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Visual design

We’ve refreshed the look and feel of One UI 3 in lots of ways, big and small, from new, more consistent icons to smarter organization of the quick panel and notifications. Motion is smoother and more natural than ever, with improved animations and haptic feedback for common interactions. And the interface responds to different screen sizes to provide the best experience on any device, whether it’s a phone,...
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUT G975FXXS9DTK9 G975FOXM9DTJBG975FXXS9DTK910
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUT G975FXXS9DTI8 G975FOXM9DTI9G975FXXS9DTI910
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUTG975FXXU8DTH7G975FOXM8DTH7G975FXXU8DTH710
Samsung Galaxy S10+SM-G975FAUT


Samsung DeX
- Wireless DeX connection support.
Β  . Wireless connection with TVs through Wi-Fi Direct (compatible with Miracast).
* Quick panel - DeX
Β  . Usage of Samsung Smart TVs released after 2019 is recommended.
- Screen Zoom and Font Size options are supported to allow customization in various display sizes.

- If quality information on nearby Wi-Fi routers can be measured, this information will appear asΒ  Very Fast, Fast, Normal, or Slow.
Β  * This feature can be turned on or off in "Network Quality Information Display" settings.
- When attempting to access a Wi-Fi router with a password, a newly added feature now allows the user to request the password of the Wi-Fi router from someone nearby who is saved in their contact list and has already connected to that router.
Β  * The "Request Password" button will appear on the Wi-Fi password input screen when you can request a password.

Always On Display
- Bitmoji Stickers are suppo...
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUT


β€’ The stability of Camera has been improved.
β€’ Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
β€’ The security of your device has been improved.
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUT G975FXXS7CTF3 G975FOXM7CTF1G975FXXS7CTF310
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FAUT


β€’ The stability of Camera has been improved.
β€’ Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
β€’ The stability of Touch screen has been improved.
β€’ The security of your device has been improved.
Samsung Galaxy S10+SM-G975FAUT G975FXXS6CTE6 G975FOXM6CTE6G975FXXS6CTE610