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DeviceModelRegionPDA/AP VersionCSC VersionMODEM/CP VersionOs VersionChangelistBuild Date
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUGHWC2G975FOWAGHWC2G975FXXUGHWC212-
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXSGHWA3G975FOWAGHVJ6G975FXXSGHWA11225257816
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUGHVJ5G975FOWAGHVJ6G975FXXUGHVJ11225257816
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUFHVG4G975FOWAFHVG4G975FXXUFHVG41224706840
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUFHVE1G975FOWAFHVE1G975FXXUFHVE11224166302
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUEHVC6G975FOWAEHVC6G975FXXUEHVB91223727351
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUEGVA4G975FOWAEGVB1G975FXXUEGVA21223326020
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUEGULBG975FOWAEGULBG975FXXUEGULB1223326020
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXSEFUJ2G975FOWAEFUJ6G975FXXSEFUJ21122340597
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusSM-G975FCDRG975FXXUCFUH3G975FOWACFUH3G975FXXUCFUH31122340597

Specifications Samsung device SM-G975F

  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975F
  • Display diagonal: 16.3 cm (6.4")
  • Display resolution: 3040 x 1440 pixels
  • Display type: Dynamic AMOLED
  • Processor frequency: 2.7 GHz
  • Processor family: Samsung Exynos
  • Processor model: 9820
  • RAM capacity: 8 GB
  • RAM type: LPDDR4X
  • Internal storage capacity: 512 GB
  • Rear camera resolution (numeric): 12 MP
  • Rear camera type: Triple camera
  • Operating system installed: Android 9.0
  • Battery capacity: 4100 mAh
  • Product colour: Black
  • Weight: 198 g

Changelog: SM-G975F(CDR)

One UI 3 Upgrade (Android 11)

One UI 3 is designed to help you focus on what matters. Our visual redesign has improved the places you visit the most, like the Home screen and quick panel, to reduce distractions, highlight important information, and make your experience more consistent. Performance improvements will help apps run quicker while using less battery power. And One UI 3 puts control in your hands with new privacy controls, one-time permissions, and enhanced Digital Wellbeing.

Scroll down for a full list of changes.

Visual design

We’ve refreshed the look and feel of One UI 3 in lots of ways, big and small, from new, more consistent icons to smarter organization of the quick panel and notifications. Motion is smoother and more natural than ever, with improved animations and haptic feedback for common interactions. And the interface responds to different screen sizes to provide the best experience on any device, whether it’s a phone, foldable, or tablet.

Improved performance

We optimized One UI 3 with enhanced dynamic memory allocation, so apps run faster and perform better. We’ve also restricted background activities to provide better performance and power usage.

Better customization

• New image categories have been added to Dynamic Lock screen, and you can select up to 5 categories at once.

• On the Lock screen, you can add a widget to check your usage time.

• Get an interactive preview when setting a wallpaper.

• Adjusting the Always On Display and Lock screen is easier.

• Add a call background to see a picture or video when you make or receive a call.

• In Samsung Internet, you can reorder and lock tabs.

• Bixby Routines has even more controls to help you automate your life.

• New icons and Lock screen widgets make it easier to find and control your routines.

• Use Digital Wellbeing with separate personal and work profiles.

Enhanced features

Home screen and Lock screen

• Add widgets by touching and holding an app on the Home screen.

• Turn off the screen by double tapping on an empty space on the Home or Lock screen. (Set it up in Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures.)

• On the Lock screen, tap the clock area to see widgets like calendar, weather, and music.

Calls and chats

• See conversations separately in the notification panel. Works with Messages and your favorite chat apps.

• Easily remove duplicate contacts stored in the same account in Contacts. The storage period for deleted contacts has been extended from 15 days to 30 days.

• Added the ability to edit multiple linked contacts from a single screen.

• Added Trash in Messages so that recently deleted messages are stored for 30 days.

Pictures and videos

• Take pictures quicker with improved auto focus and auto exposure.

• View, edit, and share pictures and videos more easily from Gallery.

• Find pictures and videos quicker with new search features and categories in Gallery.

• Revert edited pictures to their original versions at any time, even after they’re saved, so you never lose a shot.


• Settings has a new simpler look and feel. Your Samsung account is shown at the top, and Home screen settings are now easier to access.

• Find the settings you need more easily with new Search features. You’ll get better results for synonyms and common misspellings, and you can tap on tags to see groups of related settings.

• Quick settings buttons have been reduced to provide only the most commonly used features. You can also add buttons to create your own customized quick panel.

Samsung Keyboard

• Increased the number of input languages to 370.

• Made it easier to paste copied images and verification codes from text messages.

• Added emoji and sticker suggestions when you enter a text-based emoticon.

• Improved the keyboard layout to provide a larger space bar when entering web and email addresses.

• Reorganized Keyboard settings so it's easier to access frequently used settings.


Maintain a healthy balance between work and life by minimizing repetitive and complicated tasks and handling them efficiently.

• New routines will be recommended based on your daily life and usage patterns.

• Bixby Routines provide a setting to return everything to the way it was before the routine ran.

• In Internet, you can hide the status and navigation bars for a more immersive experience and quickly translate webpages.

• You’ll be prompted to block websites that send too many pop-ups or notifications.

• You can browse and select cloud drive files from the file selection screen in My Files.

• You can now delete cache files in My Files to easily free up storage space.

• Events with the same start time are displayed together in the month and agenda view in Calendar.

• Use your phone or tablet app icon layout in Samsung DeX so you know where everything is.

• Open the touch pad from the navigation bar on your phone or tablet.

Easy media and device control

Media and device control is easier with the improved media panel in notifications. You can see recently used media apps and quickly change the playback device. You can also check Android Auto settings in the Advanced features menu in Settings.

Identify and improve your digital habits

Improved Digital Wellbeing features make it easy to check how you're using your phone or tablet and help you form good digital habits. Check your usage while driving or see weekly changes in your screen time by function at a glance through upgraded weekly reports.

Accessibility for everyone

One UI 3 recommends useful accessibility features for you based on your usage. The improved Accessibility shortcut makes accessibility features easier to start and use. You can use the Speak keyboard input aloud feature to get voice feedback of your typing even when TalkBack is turned off.

Stronger privacy protection

You can now let an app access to your microphone, camera, or location just one time. Any permissions that an app hasn’t used in a while will be automatically revoked. You can no longer give apps permission to always see your location in the regular permission popup. To let apps access your location when they’re not in use, you need to go to the location permission page for the app in Settings.

Additional improvements

• In Clock, you can hear the time and preset name of the alarm read aloud when an alarm rings.

Some apps will need to be updated separately after the One UI 3 update.

You can no longer use Wi-Fi Direct to send files to other devices. You can use Nearby Share instead. You can still receive files using Wi-Fi Direct.

You can no longer connect to Chromecast using Smart View. You can use Google Home instead.

• The security of your device has been improved.

• The stability of Camera has been improved.
• Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
• The security of your device has been improved.

• The security of your device has been improved.

Samsung DeX
- Wireless DeX connection support.
  . Wireless connection with TVs through Wi-Fi Direct (compatible with Miracast).
* Quick panel - DeX
  . Usage of Samsung Smart TVs released after 2019 is recommended.
- Screen Zoom and Font Size options are supported to allow customization in various display sizes.

- If quality information on nearby Wi-Fi routers can be measured, this information will appear as  Very Fast, Fast, Normal, or Slow.
  * This feature can be turned on or off in "Network Quality Information Display" settings.
- When attempting to access a Wi-Fi router with a password, a newly added feature now allows the user to request the password of the Wi-Fi router from someone nearby who is saved in their contact list and has already connected to that router.
  * The "Request Password" button will appear on the Wi-Fi password input screen when you can request a password.

Always On Display
- Bitmoji Stickers are supported on Always On Display. (Clock style)

Samsung keyboard
- A new feature has been added to the keyboard search feature that allows the user to search YouTube.
- Split Keyboard is supported on Landscape mode.
- The search function of the "Manage Input Languages" screen in the Keyboard Settings page has been newly updated to make it easy to find keyboard input languages that the user wishes to add or delete.

- The Pro Video feature has been enhanced.

- A feature has been added that allows the user to call a person who is saved as a pre-configured SOS message contact.
- A feature has been added that allows the user to send SOS location-sharing messages every 30 minutes for 24 hours.

• The stability of Camera has been improved.
• Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
• The security of your device has been improved.

• The security of your device has been improved.

• The stability of Camera has been improved.
• Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
• The stability of Touch screen has been improved.
• The security of your device has been improved.

· The security of your device has been improved.

• Added new application : CoronApp

· The security of your device has been improved.

• Overall stability of functions improved.
• The security of your device has been improved.

· The security of your device has been improved.

One UI 2 upgrade with Android 10

One UI 2 brings you Android 10, with exciting new features from Samsung and Google based on feedback from users like you.
We recommend that you back up your important data to keep it safe during the upgrade.
Some apps, including Calculator, Samsung Internet, Samsung Health and Samsung Notes, need to be updated individually after you update your OS.

Here's what's new.

Dark mode
- Enhanced image, text, and color adjustments for day and night environments.
- Darkened wallpapers, widgets, and alarms while Dark mode is on.

Icons and colors
- Clearer app icons and system colors.
- Improved layouts for titles and buttons to eliminate wasted screen space.

Smoother animations
- Enhanced animations with a playful touch.

Full screen gestures
- Added new navigation gestures.

Refined interactions
- Navigate more comfortably on large screens with minimal finger movement.
- Easily focus on what matters with clearly highlighted buttons.

One-handed mode
- New ways to access One-handed mode: double tap the Home button or swipe down in the center of the bottom of the screen.
- Settings moved to Settings > Advanced features > One-handed mode.

- High contrast keyboards and layouts for large text have been improved.
- Listen to live speech and display it as text.

Better text over wallpapers
- See text more clearly against wallpaper, as One UI automatically adjusts font colors based on light and dark areas and color contrast in the image below.

Media and devices
- Replaced the SmartThings panel with the Media and Devices.
- Media: Control music and videos playing on your phone as well as other devices.
- Devices: Check and control your SmartThings devices directly from the quick panel.

- Added options for showing the fingerprint icon when the screen is off. You can choose to show it whenever you tap or keep it visible when the Always On Display is shown.

Device care
- The battery usage graph now provides more detailed information.
- Added battery limit setting and other enhancements for Wireless PowerShare.

Digital wellbeing
- Set goals to keep your phone usage in check.
- Use Focus mode to help avoid distractions from your phone.
- Keep an eye on your kids with new parental controls.

- Added the ability to edit the modes that appear at the bottom of the screen.
- Provided a More tab so you can quickly access hidden modes from the preview screen.
- Improved the layout so you can focus on taking pictures without the settings getting in the way.

- Customize the quick menu to get instant access to the features you use the most.
- Get more information from the app bar.
- Install add-ons from the Galaxy Store to get even more features.

Samsung Contacts
- Added Trash feature for Contacts. Contacts that you delete will stay in the trash for 15 days before being deleted forever.

- Stickers can be added to a date without creating an event.
- Ringtones can be used for event alerts.

- More options are available for repeating reminders.
- Set location-based reminders for a specific period of time.
- Share reminders with your family group and other sharing groups.
- Set reminders for a specific date without an alert.

My Files
- Created a Trash feature so you can restore files if you delete something by mistake.
- Added more filters you can use while searching to help you find things quickly.
- You can now copy or move multiple files and folders to different destinations at the same time.

- Added speed and time units to the unit converter.

Connected car
- Android Auto is now preloaded.

- Added tips to help you get the most from your Galaxy.

· The security of your device has been improved.
· Improved fingerprint recognition algorithm

· Improved Camera feature has been added.
- Slow motion feature has been added to the front camera.
· Intelligent Wi-Fi 1.5
- Auto Hotspot feature has been added.
- Wi-Fi Tips feature has been added. (Provides help tips when something goes wrong with your Wi-Fi connection.)
· Media and devices
- Easily controls external devices connected to your smartphone.
· Improved fingerprint recognition algorithm

· A new Camera function has been added : Live focus, Live focus video, AR Doodle, Night, Super steady
· Added new feature. - Link to Windows, Dynamic Lock screen, DeX for PC
· Improved performance. - Video Editor

· Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
· The stability of Camera has been improved
· Bluetooth connectivity and stability has been improved
· The security of your device has been improved.

· Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
· The stability of Camera has been improved
· Bluetooth connectivity and stability has been improved
· The security of your device has been improved.

· Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
· The stability of Camera has been improved
· Bluetooth connectivity and stability has been improved
· The security of your device has been improved.

· Wi-Fi connectivity and stability have been improved.
· The stability of Camera has been improved
· Bluetooth connectivity and stability has been improved
· The security of your device has been improved.

· The stability of Camera has been improved
· The performance of Fingerprint recognition has been improved
· Added feature to set the app or function which runs when the Bixby key is pressed

Reviews SM-G975F

I'm here

It's great in Afghanistan but I can't update my phone

great phone

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Bought this close to 2 years ago now and it still has great battery life and does everything I want it to.

Really like the openness of the phone.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought an andriod to have freedom over my phone. I have to say that I am impressed. I can play Playstation 2 games on my phone and even get linux on my phone. Andriod can do anything and the phone even comes with a headphone jack.

Great phone

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I got this phone back in 2019, it still works fabulously. Ive dropped it several times and the screen has not broken and i dont even have a protector on it. Only the thin sticker like protector that orginally came with the phone. I like how the phone feels in my hand, its not slippery like the s22 plus. And i love the rounded screen.

S10+ Review by, Leero Intro, Use. Recommend & Hope

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I purchased this device on 10/18/21 because I dropped my phone multiple times which didn't have such a strong case. Months went by & I was already planning on getting me a new phone. So I researched a lot on YouTube about the best the phone that has strong software capabilities & high tech specs. Which took me to the S10+. I've been using this device for nearly 2 years now & coming from a me I'm an extremely used this phone to it's fullest potential. It all started from admiring the beauty of the device by changing my home screen & lock screen & moving apps all over my home & apps screen trying to make it feel the way I want. Thats where I discovered Good Lock which completely made my experience of android, Samsung One Ui expand. Using Theme Park for my Quick penal, One Hand Operation + for easy usage of the phone cause my hands are small. Lock Star to add in my contact information if I lose my phone very important, put the clock style I want with the lock screen widgets, Nav Star for swipe gestures took me a while to figure out, Home Up to making it look they way I want the grid to look like. The reason why I will recommend this specific device is because it is a beautiful and looks morden. Can still use till now 2022 moving on to 2023. It is very durable with a very protective case. The software is phenomenal with android 11 & One UI 3.1. The ability to customise the phone the way you want, to make it look & feel the way you want also to make your device look totally different from everyone else even if they have the exact phone, brand or other brand of phones. I've not experienced any lag or glitch on the device, works completely great the two punch hole cameras on the front are great. With the ability to have face unlock, fingerprint, pattern lock password and pins now that's fantastic. I will like to recommend that Samsung work on the front camera which is amazing but have a better face unlock ID which will be a great experience and also add widgets to a bunch of 3rd party apps & improve Samsung Notes, Voice Recorder make the voice to text like the Google Pixle 7 Pro, Samsung Music make it more the HUAWEI Music app, Smart Switch to be able to customizable on good lock, make bixby more nice add color to it & the email app. Thanks.

Amazing camera

Great phone great camera battery better than s7 still expensive sim free

Perfect phone that holds strong 3 years later

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I pre ordered my s10 plus and got it the day it was released and have to say it has been the most impressive phone I've ever owned. From the way the it's optimized with apps to the way it performs on games and video editing. The only thing I have to say negatively about it is that it didn't release with a 90 refresh rate panel for gaming. As I'm a huge gamer, but otherwise ever 3 years later the SD855 has more than enough power to run even the latest games.

Samsung - Never Again

I bought a new sealed S10+ from a high street retailer here in the UK based on the positive content of various reviews. Unboxed it, looked nice but felt terrible in my hand, too flat and uncomfortable. Charged it, as it was completely flat, set it up, tried it out, came to the conclusion that it was an awful phone. Factory reset it and returned it. Reasons 1) Uncomfortable to hold. 2) Terrible screen with very poor viewing angles and very poor colour retention unless viewed straight on. Considering that this phone has twin front cameras, one with wide angle lens, the experience of using this for video calls with more than one person involved was far from acceptable. This was the result of the already mentioned screen characteristics. 3) The screen also had a very distinct shift to green when viewed at even the slightest off-center position. 4) The bottom facing speaker did not sound balanced to the "ear piece" output. I have heard much better for a lot less money......A great shame that this turned out to be a poor experience as I intended to buy at least two. So overall Very Disappointed.

Outstanding smartphone

I love this product so much it's astonishing so i advice every one to buy this phone

Great Features

I bought this 4 days ago and its awesome... Camera quality is super.. high performance

The Definition Of Brilliance

This phone is fantastic all around. The camera is fantastic quality and when you zoom you don't loose any quality. The screen is fantastic quality and the phone is very customisable (even to the point of the lock screen clock). I love using this phone and I'm sure you will too. And this is just a mer fraction to the other multitude of things that are great about this product.

Great Features

I am happy, specialy Amoled hdr10+ and phone shape

Big screen and good font

I m more than happy to have this phone.easy to operate

Screen cracks way too easily...

in just over a year i have had two s10+ screens crack on the curved edge. i have only cracked one other screen in over 20+ years of cell phone ownership. please improve the screen durability or offer a flat screen to those who prefer it with all of the performance of the flagship models. may look elsewhere for next upgrade...

Great pictures and videos. Phone calls are good.

the picture and video quality are very nice and vibrant. the phone loses contact info and will not stay synced with my 2020 model year truck. the phone opens up multiple apps without my touching the screen or even holding the phone. it will do this even when the phone is locked and in sleep mode. this has caused me to use all of my data in a month multiple times.

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