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Samsung firmware list
DeviceModelRegionPDA/AP VersionCSC VersionMODEM/CP VersionOs VersionBuild Date
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB G988USQS5HWF2 G988UOYN5HWF2G988USQS5HWF213
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB G988USQS4HWE1 G988UOYN4HWE1G988USQS4HWE113
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB G988USQU4HWD1 G988UOYN4HWD1G988USQU4HWD113
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB G988USQS3HWB6 G988UOYN3HWB6G988USQS3HWB613
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB


One UI 5.1 Update

One UI 5.1 takes your phone to the next level with new Gallery features as well as productivity and personalization enhancements.

Camera and Gallery

More powerful search
You can now search your Gallery for more than one person or subject at the same time. You can even search for people without tagging their names just by tapping their faces.

Enhanced image remastering
Remastering does more to make your pictures look great by removing shadows and reflections. You can also remaster GIFs for better resolution and clarity. Preview has also been improved to make it easier to compare the original picture with the remaster.

Create a shared family album
It’s easier than ever to share pictures with your family. Gallery will recommend pictures to add to your shared family album by recognizing the faces of family members you select. You get 5 GB of storage for each family member (up to 6 people).
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB G988USQS3GWA2 G988UOYN3GWA2G988USQS3GWA213
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB


Β· Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
Β· New and / or enhanced features.
Β· Further improvements to performance.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB


One UI 5 Upgrade (Android 13)

One UI 5 brings you more powerful personalization and makes it easier to get things done across your Galaxy devices.

Visual design

New app icons and illustrations
Icon symbols are larger for a bolder look that's easier to scan. Subtle background gradients and improved contrast give a fresher, more natural feel. New help illustrations have been created to give a consistent look to all apps.

Smoother than ever before
New animations and transition effects make switching between screens feel more natural. Animations and other visual feedback appear instantly when you touch the screen, making interactions more intuitive. Scrolling speed has also been enhanced to make scrolling feel smoother throughout One UI.

Enhanced blur effects and colors
Background blur effects on the quick panel, Home screen, and throughout One UI have been improved with brighter colors for a clearer and more co...
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB G988USQS3FVI7 G988UOYN3FVI7G988USQS3FVI712
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSM-G988UTMB


β€’ Overall stability of your device has been improved.
β€’ The security of your device has been improved.
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